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People in computer lab looking at computer screens
Man wearing headset looks at computer screens
Man in glasses looking at two computer screens
Man in United Kingdom military uniform wearing glasses, types on a laptop
Man in military uniform
Military man in uniform speaking into microphone, reading from a piece of paper
Man in military uniform speaks at podium microphone
Two men in military uniforms cutting a birthday cake
Two men in military uniforms smiling, posing for a photo
Five men in military uniforms pose for a photo standing in front of a table with a sheet cake
Sheet cake sits on top of table
Three men on a Zoom call together
Man in suit signing board
Man in suit signing board
Three men in suits standing, listening to a briefing
Man in suit wearing glasses standing next to a man in a military uniform, both listening to a briefing
Group of military members and civilians stand in a line to pose for a group photo
Military man in uniform shakes hands with man in business casual attire
Two military men in uniform shaking hands, man in suit stands behind them
Four men, three in military uniforms and one in a suit, pose for a group photo